Update long live Oryx

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Hello Realmers,

It’s the end of Oryxmas and the Nexus is now celebrating the Lunar New Year. Apart from removing everything related to Oryxmas, we are taking the chance to make a few tweaks on Dungeon Modifiers and Item forge and fix some bugs.… Read more “Update long live Oryx”

Fan Art Showroom #1

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Creative Realmers,

With this post, we want to highlight the art around the game. It can be a scribble on a paper napkin or a sculpture worthy of ancient Greece. What matters is to highlight the wonders that you do every week.… Read more “Fan Art Showroom #1”

Open Testing: O3 training grounds!

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This weekend we are opening the gates of the Sanctuary and placing them in the Nexus (of the testing server) for you to practice your O3s. Why practice? Because next week, starting on Tuesday, the 11th, at 12 PM UTC, and until the 18th at the same time, you won’t need runes to enter the Sanctuary on production. … Read more “Open Testing: O3 training grounds!”